“XingyunBaozhu” thorough capture! Slot aiming to acquire a high-payout symbol ‘s of five-fold

What is XingyunBaozhu?

It is an introduction of Video Slot called “XingyunBaozhu” (Eyecon) of Verajohn Casino.
This video slot has 25 lines of effective line of 3 rows × 5 lines.

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Xingyun Baozhu’s design

Two kinds of symbols are “Scatter” symbol “Dragon”, “Wild” “Fuku” are special symbols, four types of high-rate dividend symbols “windmill”, “old coin”, “tag” and “lantern”, low price dividend “A There are 6 symbols “K” “Q” “J” “10” “9”.

Features of XingyunBaozhu

The feature of this video slot is that it is very simple first.
There are sound effects when turning the slots, sound effects when the roles are effective line, but it is simple making without BGM.

Another feature is that the difference between dividends of high payout symbols and low payout symbols is large.
Dividends are generated from two consecutive high payout 4 symbols. In “Windmill” with the highest payout, you can earn a dividend twice in double, 30 times in triple, 300 times in quadruple, 3000 times in five. On the other hand, for “A” “K” with the highest payout with low-rate dividend pattern, it is five times triple, three times 50 times, five times 500 times. When winning the Five of Kinds with high payout 4 symbols, each has a payout exceeding 1000 times.

Also, “Windmill” of “Wild” is No. 1. It appears only on the 3rd and 5th reels. “Scatter” design “Dragon” appears on all reels. “Dragon” design can earn 15 free spins with 3 or more acquisitions. If you have 4, you can get 20 free spins and 25 free spins if you have 5. During this free spin game “windmill” will expand to all squares of reel when it appears.

Capture XingyunBaozhu!

Actually playing, the high payout 4 symbols generate dividends in duplicate so small impression is a lot of impression.
For that reason, I feel the coin is also a relatively good slot. On the other hand, it seems that Five of Kind is hard to come out, even though this slot’s characteristics.
The free spin that can be acquired with “Scatter” can acquire as many as 15 spins, but I think that it is impossible to get a high price unless the “windmill” symbol is successfully entangled.
I think that it is not a slot that aims for high payouts by acquiring free spins etc. in personal impression but a video slot that can increase funds for those who aim for acquisition of a high-payout symbol of the Five of Kinds. In that sense, I think that it is a model that you can enjoy so much even if you can not acquire a free spin game.

It seems to be the key whether the symbol of “Fuku” is successfully involved in dividends.

Anyway it’s as simple as I feel like a slot that does not work for those who want to enjoy the production and bonus games.

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