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Verajohn Casino thoroughly capture!

On this site, with regard to online casino “Bella John Casino” with many players, how to deposit / withdraw money, recommended slots, illegal? Is it safe? , Roulette strategy, we will introduce a lot of information!

Let’s make money at Verajohn Casino!

Verajohn Casino 
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【Recommended points】
On-line casino that gives you 30 dollar bonus only by joining among many casino sites that exist.

Verajohn Casino is one of the top class popular online casinos.

The reason why I chose Verajon Casino from overseas online casinos I am from “It is compatible with my language”.
Other overseas online casinos are not compatible with our languages in many places and it is okay for those who can read English, but as a person like me who can not read English, I can only remember it while using it .

Then, I wanted to play early, I could not do it easily, I got an explanation of English which I do not understand well and experienced repeatedly giving up playing.

Compatible with many languages

It has become an online casino for many languages and it is possible to easily start an online casino easily and easily.

Of course, you can also play on a smartphone, tablet, PC, depending on the online casino MAC can not be used or the pattern may be different depending on the device, but you can use any of the Verajohn Casino It is.

24 hours 365 days playable

This is not just for Verajohn Casino, but if you have an internet environment you can use it anytime anytime.

You can use it for work breaks and skimmer hours such as meetings, and you can target 100 million units of expensive jackpot.

Verajohn casino

Credit cards are available for deposit!

What I thought that this was saved after using the Verajohn Casino was “to correspond to a credit card”.

Other online casinos may not be compatible with credit cards and may not be available when there is no money.

However, Verajohn Casino can credit cards, settlement procedures can be easily done, and the balance of payment is also reflected immediately, so it is possible to play at the time of your thought.

About Withdrawal

In the case of Verajohn Casino, withdrawal uses ecopayz overseas online bank.

As an alternative method, it is also possible to use a virtual currency called bit coin.
Deposit with bit coin is immediately reflected, as soon as we ask for withdrawal, it is quite useful as a usage method.

Safety support is also available for English

Verajohn Casino is compatible with English and many languages.

We can respond to questions and complaints in the corresponding languages such as frequently asked questions, inquiries of mails, live chat etc.

When I first used Bellajon Casino, I was able to play money with less than 10 minutes and it was easy. Bellajon Casino is an online casino that can be used even by people who are not good at English.

Verajohn casino

Verajohn Casino Slots Capture


It is a challenge to “Jumanji”. Irregular reel with 3 reel, 3rd reel, 5th reel, 4th reel and 4th reel are the reel arrangement.

It is bonus game acquisition with three symbols of ‘Board game’ according to movie of jumanji.

Start with 100 auto play with $ 0.2 BET. 1st turn Nobuyuki ‘s “board game” two symbols, once you stop one more bonus is fixed.

First and second should be “board game” symbols stopped, 3rd off, 4th hit! , Fifth departure, Bonus is fixed. It is strange today. There are too many things that you can withdraw your bonus at a fast rpm. But the dividend is often low.

The bonus game is Sugoroku.
Progression goes, what is written in the squares is reward. Go first, 9 squares. It is labeled 1 Roll Plus. For the second time, move 4 squares. Twenty coins and six coins at the third time earned 20 coins. For the 4th time we will go back 7 squares and again 20 coins. Even 20th coin earned in 7th squad for the 5th time. In the sixth round, “?” Is displayed with seven squares going on and the roulette appearance.

It is a display of free spin six times after stopping at monkey footprints. Here is the shift to free spin game. I change the pattern so that the monkeys will pay dividends after every spin. I gained a total of $ 3.32. I will return to Sugoroku.

In the seventh round, I went through six squares and after all I got 20 coins. This is the end. It is a total acquisition of $ 5.00. I ended because I got a feeling of continuing that it was too little for $ 0.2 BET.

Cash Mix-Capture

It is a challenge to “CashMix”. I like character because it is cute.

Three rows × five lines and effective lines are as few as 15 lines, but as the small contacts are continuous, the multi-flyer will be 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times. You can earn a large dividend if you make small orders. Afterwards, there are elements that at least the line can have fun with drawing ‘Wild’ and ‘Wild’ scattered in other places. If three or more “Ball” symbols appear, the bonus will be doubled for multi-flyer. You can earn 15 times at the maximum with 4 free spins at least.

It starts with 100 auto play with 0.3 dollar BET. Today I am expecting that because I can often withdraw bonuses with early games. Do you respond to that expectation? It is acquiring free spins with 4 balls “9 balls” in the early 9th revolution. The number of free spins acquired is 9 times.

“Ball” symbols are converted to “Wild” at that position. Well it became “Wild” at a position where dividends can be surely obtained. The multi-flyer will go to 10 times of Max as soon. First time, $ 2.80, second time, 3.60 dollars, third time, 4.00 dollars, fifth time, $ 7.00 with “BigWin”, 6th, 1.2 dollars, 7th “SuperBigWin” $ 23.00, 8th, 5.00 dollars, final 9 The first round is “Super BigWin” at 19.00 dollars totaling 65.60 dollars.

Because it is a model that auto play will expire when you win bonus, I will finalize the profit at this point. It will close with a win of 64.50 dollars.

Big Bad Wolf-Capture

It is a challenge to “Big Bad Wolf”. This is a popular model. It is a video slot of 3 rows × 5 reels, 25 lines of falling gate system. You can earn 10 bonus free spin games with 3 wolves designs. We will win and chain it and aim for high dividends by adding multi flyers.

It is a game! It is 100 free spin games in 0.25 BET. Anyway it will be impossible unless you have three wolves. It is different if miraculously continuing the chain. Such rarely happens, so I’d like to draw 3 wolves as soon as possible.

45 games, suddenly middle stage, upper stage, wolf fall to the middle stage! I did it, I got free spins. Investment is also small, so it seems to be positive, but I’d really like a big dividend.

Free spin 1st, dividend is full moon get. If you collect three full moons, free spins will be added twice in the stage up. If you accumulate 3 more, you can earn multi flyer which doubles additional free spin 2 plus payout. Next is the second free spin, getting a month without dividends. It is regrettable that there is no dividend. There is no dividend for the third time, and the fourth time is the addition of free spins twice with winning the month without paying dividends. At the 5th time the dividend finally arrived.
There is a chain of $ 4.00 earned. It is the sixth time, only the month is earned without dividends. The seventh time is also the month only. There is no dividend at all. It is a bad feeling. Eight times are also earned only for the month without dividends. It is a disgusting pattern that grows steadily only in the moon. Two free spins and twice the right to win and the remaining spin is four times.

When you come this far, there are no basic patters and no dividends. The ninth finally “BIG WIN” finally acquired 10.85 dollars. After the 10th time there was no payout, I ended it. I won 3.85 dollars. Today I will withdraw because I have a small amount of dividends even if I draw free spins.

Verajohn casino

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